Advanced Program

Paid Search Management

Get top placements on Google, Bing & Yahoo search engines.

Ad Copy That Performs

Did you know that if people like your ads and engage with them, you can actually get more clicks for less? Pretty nice huh?

At RAZriver, we write ads that perform. If you want your brand to be taken to the next level in search, we would love to help.

Budget Management

We take the hassle out of managing those pesky daily budgets with our proprietary budget management algorithm. The algorithm channels your budget based on performance, which gets you the most customers possible.

Advanced Bid Management

Managing keyword bids in an advanced digital auction is one of the most complex & critical components in paid search.

Let our team take that headache away with our advanced bidding algorithms. We don't just bid, we bid smart.

Search Query Optimization

There are some pesky little searches out there that you don't really want your money going towards.

Don't sweat it! Our team of experts constantly scours your data to make sure you're only showing up for the best searches. At the end of the day bad searches don't pay anyone's bills & we get that.

Phone Call Tracking

Tracking phone calls should be at the top of your marketing to-do list. Take the mystery out of how people found you by using our call tracking program. 

Included Usage:

  • 10 Local Numbers
  • 500 Local Minutes
  • 100 Text Messages

Additional Pricing:

  • Each Additional Numbers $3 local • $5 toll-free

  • Additional Minutes 5¢ local • 8¢ toll-free

  • Additional Text Messages 1.6¢ per message

Monthly Email Report

Each month you will receive a report that details how much you spent, how many contact forms were submitted & how many phone calls you received.

Quarterly Business Review

Every 3 months, you get to meet with one of our experts to review your account's performance & learn about any formal recommendations we have to improve or grow your existing business.

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