Quit Complaining & Make A Difference

Having directly worked within Google & Bing Ads for over half the life of the internet, I could probably fill the ocean with expletives that have flown from my lips while battling through their platforms…

Years ago you had to contact your rep or use the historically-loathed general help line & pray hard that your challenge would be resolved, let alone see a product enhancement through the finish line. Needless to say, things were brutal until that beautiful day when I came across the Twitter group #PPCCHAT and learned that Google Ads had a Twitter account that would actually respond! Not only did I have a direct connection to the greatest search engines on the planet, but more importantly they actually took recommendations seriously. I was immediately taken from feeling trapped like an airline passenger on the tarmac, to actually being heard & more importantly making a difference for my fellow marketers.

Fast-Forward to last month: I had the pleasure of participating in a top-secret Google Ads product test / review. While I can’t go into details due to the NDA, I can say in general terms that I’ve been involved in multiple direct product tests & recommendations that have been implemented on the ad platforms.  Pretty cool huh?

While it’s easy to sit around and complain about how bad a product, software or even customer service is, it’s much more fulfilling to make a difference. So the next time you have a bad situation on one of the platforms, take a deep breath, hunt down the handles @GoogleAds or @BingAds and shoot them a DM. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one who makes all of our lives a little better as a result.

P.S. The general help line 1-866-2Google has gotten sooo much better…Thank you Google!!

Happy Marketing,
Zach Griffith
RAZriver™ Digital Marketing Agency